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"A professional land surveying practice located in Mossel Bay, rendering services in the Southern Cape, within easy reach of surrounding Garden Route towns, such as Plettenburg Bay, Knysna, Sedgefield, Wilderness, George, Stilbaai, Riversdale, Heidelberg, Swellendam, Oudtshoorn and Uniondale."


Surveying with a GPS
Surveying group
A survey team on site


"My mission is to render a timeously executed cost effective personal- and professional service"


Antartic Expedition
A spectacular ice berg en route to SANAE
Icy survey
Surveying in Antarctica
Ice Breaker
The ice breaker "RSA" moored against the ice shelf
Aurora Australis
The awe-inspiring Southern Lights (Aurora Australis)
NSRI activities
Whale rescue
Whale rescue underway
Helicopter recue training
Helicopter rescue training
Boat rescue excercises
  Rescue excercises in challenging conditions
Sea survival training
Training at the National Sea Survival Institute in Hermanus
Lennis van Schalkwyk in association with CDJ Land Surveyors

Lennis van Schalkwyk

Lennis van Schalkwyk

          Lennis Geomatics

In association with


CDJ Land Surveyors


Corne de Jager

Corne de Jager



See my new co-authored book on a year in ANTARTICA..
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Property Consulting:

This practice provides advice and assistance with regard to all property-related requirements.

Township Planning:

We maintain a close working relationship with allied professionals whenever specialist expertise is required.

Land Surveying:


  • Townships (General Plans)
  • Subdivisions (Diagrams / General Plans)
  • Consolidation-; Servitude-; Park and Road Closure- and Lease Diagrams
  • Mineral Right Surveys
  • Mining Title Surveys
  • Sectional Title Surveys
  • Location / Replacement of boundary beacons
  • Identification-, Beacon-, Height and Ocean High water mark- certificates.
  • Contour and Topographical (Detail) Surveys
  • Preparation of Digital Terrain Models
  • Volume-, Cut and Fill Determinations
  • Height Determination: Trigonometric and Leveling


State of the Art Software

The use of state of the art software enables us to provide a final product in any format compatible with popular CAD applications.

Commissioner of Oaths:

An honorary service provided free of charge.


We will also gladly advise and assist in selecting and obtaining a wide range of aerial photography, maps and charts produced by the Chief Surveyor General, as well as cadastral information obtainable from the various Surveyor-General’s offices.

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MJ (Lennis) van Schalkwyk

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Born in 1950 in Zeerust, but grew up in  picturesque Sabie. This playground of rivers, mountains and plantations instilled a deep love for nature.

Matriculated in Middelburg (Mpumalanga) in 1967, after which a one year military training in the Air force was completed. Graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1973 in B. Sc. Land Surveying.

Joined the 15th SA National Antarctic Expedition (SANAE) for a duration of 14 months during 1974/75 as Land Surveyor, commissioned to perform glaciological research.

Registered as Professional Land Surveyor in 1976 and as Township Planner in 1989. Successfully established and managed a land survey practice in Randburg from 1983 until 2006.

Relocated to Mossel Bay in 2008, when a land survey practice was established in Dana Bay.

Passions and interests:
The well being of Nature and its wonderful creatures. The ocean and activities such as yachting, ocean kayaking and scuba diving. The outdoors, back packing, horse riding and  nature trails. Travelling and exploring. Reading,photography and socialising with quality people.

Joined the National Sea Rescue Institute for 3 years from 2008 till 2011, serving as an active crew member involved with simulated and real life rescue missions,acting as a rescue swimmer , trained other rescue swimmers, conducted navigational courses, involved with whale rescues , undergoing various training courses such as fire fighting-, first aid-, radio-,sea survival ( with Sea and Sand - Hermanus ) and seamanship.

Member of the Mossel Bay Business Chamber.

Click here for full CV (324kb doc)

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+27 44 698 1386

+27 79 398 8567

+27 86 636 0573

No 50 A Ferrox str

PO Box 10128


We are located at the following GPS co-ordinates:
LAT    34º 11’ 49’’ S    (34º,196944   S  )  (34º 11,8167'   S  )
LONG  22º 02’ 45’’ E    (22º,045833  E  )  (22º 02,7500'  E  )





In Association with CDJ Land Surveyors

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Mr. Danie Uys - Director : Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Mr. Attie Pretorius: Director : Hofmeyr Attorneys.

Mr. Frank Schultz: Deputy Surveyor General Pretoria Office.

Mr. Schalk Botes - Private practising Town Planner.

Mr. Johann Schwellnus- Private Practising Professional Land Surveyor and long standing friend .

Ms. Karen Aussel- Professional Assistant.

Johan Pauw -Managing Director SA Environmental Observation Network

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  Antartica book  

Book cover



Antarctica is a place that leaves one with lasting impressions and a passion for this unpredictable beauty.
Imagine a place that is 11 times the size of the RSA- it is the seventh continent , the 5th largest continent and boasts various world records –none of which is comfortable for homo sapiens ....and just as well, or otherwise it also would have been on the brink of destruction. It is the highest ( due to the enormous amount of ice that has accumulated over millions of years – over 4 kilometers thick in places), the driest ( therefore often referred to as the white desert with an average precipitation of only 10-12 cm per year ), the coldest ( holding the record low temperature of minus 88 degrees Centigrade at the Russian base Vostok ( not a USA base , funny enough!!) , an average annual temperature of – 57 C at Vostok and more than 20 C colder than any other place on earth, as well as being the windiest ( with winds blowing in excess of 240 Km / hour for days on end when catabatic and cyclonic winds combine!! )

Read more from this document...



R600 per book and R200 per cd.

To order, please go to order form


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  Attention: Grain Farmers  

Do you know the size of your farm lands? Do you have to guess how much fertilizer, seed, etc you need to use?

Working from existing airial photos, we can provide cost effective plans of your farm, indicating exact areas of eall your farm fields.

Here's an example:

  Arail photo of farmland  


The farm plan with information about areas of fields.

Farm paln

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